Realistic DX-300 / 302


Here's Radio Shack's top-of-the-line shortwave receiver.  These radios use a Wadley loop design and include a digital frequency display.

These radios do not use frequency synthesis to tune, like modern (and more expensive) receivers.  Instead, they are really just analog sets with a digital readout.  A typical analog set can experience significant frequency drift, and the Wadley loop design specifically helps to minimize drift.

One of the main differences between the DX300 and the DX302 is that the DX302 has a bandwidth filter to adjust the selectivity but the DX300 does not.  Instead, the DX300 has an audio filter (basically a tone control).


DX-300 Owners Manual

DX-300 Schematic

DX-300 Service Manual

DX-302 Owners Manual

DX-302 Service Manual

DX-302 in Radio Shack Catalog



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