Realistic DX-160


I have always liked the DX-160.  Sure, digital models are cool, get excellent performance, etc.  But there's something to pulling in distant stations on a set like this.  A bit of a challenge.  To me, the digital sets are too easy.  You look up a frequency and dial it in.  I like the challenge of the hunt (hunting the station that is!)  So I particularly like analog sets.  I used to have a couple digital sets, but now I only have a Realistic DX55, Realistic DX160, and Panasonic RF2200 (my all-time favorite).  Plus I just recently picked up an old Hallicrafters S-120. 

I donít have a lot of info here on the DX-160, thereís a fair amount already available on the internet.  Youíll find a couple of links here for that.  But I do have the service manual available as a download.  I used my B&K E-200D to align my DX-160, and it worked great.  Click <here> for info on the E-200D.


Upgrading the DX-160

Alternate Method for Adding a Frequency Counter

DX-160 in Radio Shack Catalog

Info on the DX-160 (link)

Mods for the DX-160 (link)

Owner's Manual

Service Manual

Service Manual 2nd Edition

Alignment Notes


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