Realistic DX-100 & DX-200


The DX-100 was Radio Shack's entry-level desktop shortwave receiver.  The DX-200 was their mid-level model.

I don't really know much about these radios, but I would imagine that the performance of the DX-100 is something less than desirable.  There's only 2 reasons to get one:  1) You found one absolutely dirt-cheap  -or-  2) You are a collector.

The DX-200 is something of an up-scale DX-160.  Same basic performance, but with a better tuning system.  I like the DX-200 because of the crystal calibrator - I just like that kind of tuning scheme!

Both models are basic single-conversion superhet design.  Nothing fancy.


DX-100 Service Manual

DX-200 Specifications

DX-200 Schematic

DX-200 Owners Manual

DX-200 Service Manual

DX-100 and DX-200 in Radio Shack Catalog



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