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Over time I have downloaded lots of info off the internet, it's a great source of free info.  I've decided to give a little back.  Here you'll find an assortment of information on shortwave radios (mostly Realistic), test equipment, and several construction articles.

It's really hard to find free manuals on the internet, especially service manuals.  Most everyone wants to charge $$$.  Everything you find here is FREE.  As I accumulate more, I'll post it here. 

Some of the manuals I paid for, others were donated.  If you would like to donate, drop me a line.  Please share, everyone wins!



I just found this cool Radio Shack catalog website:  If you grew up with Radio Shack like I did, then you'll enjoy the visit.  They have virtually all the catalogs dating back to the 60s.  WOW! 


Here is my favorite source for FREE software:


Make a Torque Wrench Extension

get higher torques from your torque wrench



WPA2 on the Xbox

get WPA2 wireless security

check-out the new $25 solution!


Construction Articles

Build an Exhaust Hood

Build the One-Shot Timer

 Build a Battery Capacity Tester  revised



Shortwave Radio

Panasonic RF-2200 info (including service manual)

Panasonic RF-4800 (including service manual)

Realistic DX-75

Realistic DX-100 & DX-200

Realistic DX-160 info (including service manual)

Realistic DX-300 and DX-302

Realistic DX-398

Realistic DX-440


Test Equipment

Bird 3122/4342 Wattmeter Owners Manual

BK 177 VTVM (owners manual)

BK 290 Multimeter Owners Manual

BK 1040 CB ServiceMaster (operating manual)

BK 1040 CB ServiceMaster (service manual)

BK 1640 Power Supply (manual w/schematic)

BK 2005A RF Generator (schematic & calibration)

BK 2040 CB Signal Generator (operating & service manuals)

BK 3020 Function Generator (operating / service manual)

BK E-200D signal generator (mods, manuals, alignment, etc)

National VP-8177A Signal Generator (operation w/schematics)

Ramsey COM3 Service Monitor (operation w/schematics)



FLUID - Calculate fluid replacement intervals

Want to change your tire diameter?  Calculate what you need.

NO MESS cooling system flush

1978 Fiat Spider Owners Manual

Fiat X1/9 Article



Cobra CB Radio Schematics

CrossLoop Remote Access Software

Is There Such a Thing as Centrifugal Force??

Troubleshooting Flowchart - It Really Works!



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